Monday, January 5, 2009

Managing Your Software Release Process

AccuRev is a US-based software vendor focused on optimizing and automating the software development process for organizations challenged with today’s highly evolving geographically distributed, parallel and Agile software development environments. More than 500 organizations around the world rely on AccuRev software to develop, release and maintain their mission critical applications.

Managing the Software Development Release Process
AccuRev accelerates the software development process by 30 percent with an innovative and powerful model for managing releases, defects, requirements, and resource allocation. By enabling quality improving processes such as continuous integration, allowing for true concurrent development among engineering, QA and release teams, and by shortening the typical long tail of a release, AccuRev lets development organizations release higher quality software more frequently. AccuRev eliminates the need for time consuming, expensive, and error-prone manual processes within an organization. AccuRev also significantly reduces an organization’s total cost of ownership.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

AccuRev Blogs

You can also see what our CTO and founder Damon Poole is blogging about on his blog.

An AccuRev Blog

We're always trying new ways to communicate effectively about software configuration management and SCM (not easy topics to explain, especially to those not is software development).

We've got a big project underway, but until then check out our Software Configuration Management Resource Center with free white papers and recorded webinars.